Day: February 25, 2017

Codes & Symbols

Ever wonder what all the numeric codes on paper money mean?

No, this is not a post about the Illuminati conspiracies surrounding the All Seeing Eye and the Great Pyramid. The real subject is a bit more mundane, but fits right into the theme of questions we never bothered to ask. What do all those serial codes and digits on our U.S. currency mean?

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Featured Household

Ever wonder what dust is made of?

File this under the category of things you never asked for a good reason. Dust is a pain, but at first glance, its nothing more than a harmless gray powder that you occasionally remember to wipe off of your household surfaces. But knowing what lurks under the microscopic surface might trigger your OCD.

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Codes & Symbols Geography

Ever wonder why we have Zip Codes and what they mean?

Life Before ZIP In 1943, the US was in the thick of WW2 and many our postal workers had gone into the service. The inexperienced postal clerks that stepped in to fill their shoes had trouble sorting the mail. To make things easier, postal zones were introduced that broken major cities into numbered districts. Addresses now […]

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Dates & Time Featured

Ever wonder why some months have 30 days and some 31? And what’s up with February?

Who decided a year has to be 365 days, or that we need 12 months that almost perfectly alternate between 30 and 31 days (I’m looking at you July and August). And for that matter, why did February end up becoming the black sheep of the calendar?

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